Bonus: Happy International Podcast Day!

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The logo for International Podcast Day

Air date: September 30, 2018

Guests: Belinda & Matt Mitchell

Runtime: 34 minutes, 37 seconds

Summary: In this special bonus episodes, Jen, Belinda, and Matt collaborate on a celebration of podcasts for International Podcast Day 2018. Get ready to take some notes as they rattle off a list of highly recommended shows form all different formats and genres.

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Episode Transcript 


Hello, and welcome to How to Make a Memory. My name is Jen Tierney and today I’m excited to share with you a special bonus episode in celebration of International Podcast Day. Last year, How to Make a Memory joined an independent podcasting network called Geekend Legion. The two founders, Belinda and Matt, made some time to sit down with me this past week to talk about the podcasts that have influenced our shows and what we love about podcasts. We had a great time geeking out over the shows we’ve come to love over the years! We hope you enjoy this special episode and learn about some fun new podcasts to listen to.


[Transcript forthcoming]


It was lovely to collaborate with Belinda and Matt on this episode. And I’m happy to announce that in conjunction with International Podcast Day, Belinda and Matt are launching their latest podcast. It’s called Snark Tower and you can find it right now on your favorite podcast app. Their first episode will feature the same content that you heard in this episode, as well as some other fun material that will make their show engaging and not to be missed. Check out Snark Tower and all of the other shows we mentioned today!

Well, that brings us to the end of this special bonus episode. You can find show notes and other extras for all of the show’s episodes over at “How to Make a Memory” also has a page on Facebook. Find us on Instagram @howtomakeamemory. The show’s Twitter handle is @How2MakeAMemory with the number 2. If you’ve enjoyed this episode, please consider heading over to iTunes to rate and review so more folks like yourself can find the show. “How to Make a Memory” is a member of The Geekend Legion podcast network. Our logo is by Becky Carpenter, our music is by Chuck Salamone, we get system admin support from Greg Thole. Now, go make something for someone you love.

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