How to Make a Transformation

Episode Details

Air date: November 5th, 2018

Guest: Samantha Cheevers

Runtime: 36 minutes, 18 seconds

Summary: In the second episode of Season 2, Jen has a more interactive interview with her hair stylist, Sam Cheevers, who dyes Jen’s hair while also recording the episode. The two talk about making someone’s outsides match their insides, being your authentic self, and the difference between valuing time versus money when gift giving. 

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What I Made This Month

From the transcript: “And now I’d like to tell you about something I made this month. And no, it wasn’t Halloween costumes! For every year in recent memory, I have created our family’s Halloween costumes, but this year I was completely buried in October and ended up buying my kids their first store-bought costumes. I have to say, it was much easier and I was happy to spend a little money to save the time this year. But while I saved time on costume creation, I spent that time making a Celebration of Life for my father. My Dad passed away in July this year and on October 13th, my family held a special event to remember his life. I made paper flower centerpieces, which also included copies of books he read with special commemorative bookplates. I made a slideshow with pictures from throughout his life. I made programs for attendees. My dad and I didn’t share all that many hobbies, so I was so glad that I was able to use my love of making to remember him while I grieved.”

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