How to Make a Memory is a podcast about the items we make for one another and how they impact our relationships. Join host Jen Tierney as she chats with guests who share their creative endeavors and why the act of making is so important to them.

Show Notes

How to Make It Through Depression

This episode is a bit heavier than most. This week, Jen’s friend Jess joins her to talk about using the act of making as a way to cope with depression. They discuss the things that stand in their way when undertaking a new project and the challenges of starting a brand new hobby.¬†

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How to Make a Podcasting Family

In episode 17, Jen invites two fellow lady podcasters on to talk about making their show, Geekend Amazons. Jen also has a special announcement about the future of her show!

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How to Make Italian Easter Pie

In our 16th episode, Jen sits down with her Mom, Kathy Salamone, to gush about their love for Pizzagaina. Listen in to get some history on this family tradition from the ultimate Italian matriarch.

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