How to Make a Garden of Memories

Episode Details


Air date: May 29, 2018

Guest: Rachel

Runtime: 32 minutes, 35 seconds

Summary: In the 20th episode, Rachel comes back for her third visit to the podcast to talk about the garden she has been growing for the past 6 years. But, as she explains, the garden is far older and more diverse that it appears.

Listen in as she explains why her garden is so special and what it brings to her life.

Links of Interest: 

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What I Made This Week:

From the transcript: “And now I’d like to tell you about something I made this week. I made an old wicker patio set look brand new. Last summer, someone had set out a set of wicker furniture on the road near my house. It wasn’t in great shape, but I was looking for furniture to put out on my porch and I couldn’t argue with the price. I’ve never restored a piece of furniture before, so a few weeks ago, I began researching wicker restoration. I bought new rattan to replace the pieces that had fallen off or been damaged. I washed and deglossed all of the pieces, repaired the various areas that needed mending, and put on a new coat of bright sea foam spray paint. I absolutely love the result and am glad to be able to say that I’ve restored a wicker furniture set.” Continue reading “How to Make a Garden of Memories”

How to Make Nothing in Your 20s

Episode Details

Air date: May 2, 2018

Guests: Danielle

Runtime: 36 minutes, 13 seconds

Summary: Episode 19 brings some much needed levity after last week’s episode. Danielle works at Jen’s local library and stops by to talk about a “How To” program that she recently coordinated. Eventually, the two devolve into giggles as they come to the realization that their 20s were a bit of a joke.

Links of Interest: 

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What I Made This Week:

From the transcript: “And now I’d like to tell you about something I made this week. Last week, my husband and I made a pretty substantial bonfire. This past winter, we had some storms that came through with very heavy now. This resulted in a number of sizable tree limbs falling in our backyard. So we worked on breaking down the limbs and had a fire that evening. We brought the kids out and roasted marshmallows and snuggled up to watch the fire as it got dark. I’m so grateful that I can give them evenings like that one.” Continue reading “How to Make Nothing in Your 20s”