How to Make Banana Bread

Episode Details:

Air date: August 30, 2017

Guest: Sam Bettencourt

Runtime: 33 minutes, 39 seconds

Summary: In our third episode, Jen learns about a very old and coveted banana bread recipe from Sam.

Links of Interest: 

Classic Sourdough Pancakes
Sourdough Starter Instructions
Jen’s go-to Banana Bread Recipe – did you think Sam would give his away?

What I Made This Week:

From the transcript: “And now I’d like to tell you about something I made this week. Well, not this week specifically, because this is something I make just about every week. Since Sam talked about his family’s Banana Bread, I thought I’d tell you about my cinnamon banana pancakes. I’ve been on a search for over ten years for the perfect pancake recipe. And after much trial and error, I finally got them just right. The flavor is all thanks to the sour dough starter that I’ve been lovingly feeding for over a year and a half.”

To make these pancakes, follow the recipe for “Classic Sourdough Pancakes” and add 1-2 mashed ripe bananas and cinnamon & vanilla to taste. Continue reading “How to Make Banana Bread”

How to Make a Baby Blanket

Episode Details:

Air date: August 15, 2017

Guest: Savanah Eichfeld

Runtime: 29 minutes, 37 seconds

Summary: In our second episode, Jen discusses the joys of knitting with Savanah. The conversation starts off predictably enough, exploring new motherhood and knitting as meditation. But before long, Savanah gets into the nitty gritty of competitive adult gymnastics.

Links of Interest: 

Cozy Corners Crib Blanket
Cambridge Community Gymnastics
The Almost Lost Washcloth Pattern

What I Made This Week:

From the transcript below: I’d like to tell you a little bit about something I made this week. I traveled down to Martha’s Vineyard for a bridal shower and wanted to bring something special and useful for the bride-to-be. I found some beautiful and hearty recycled denim yarn at my local craft shop and knit up three washcloths. The pattern, while simple, creates a piece that is eye-catching and appealing. They should be resilient enough to withstand dishwashing but are delicate enough to be displayed. I love this pattern and will definitely go back to it for future gifts. You can find a link to the pattern in the show notes. Continue reading “How to Make a Baby Blanket”

How to Make Southern Food

Episode Details:

Air date: August 1, 2017

Guest: Aliyah Bilal-Gore

Runtime: 29 minutes

Summary: In our first episode, Jen sits down with Aliyah to discuss making Southern food. Aliyah’s journey takes her from South Carolina to Berlin and teaches her about her family and identity. It’s a story that is fascinating and moving.

Links of Interest: 

Old Fashioned Southern Cornbread recipe
The Dutch Snackbar
Reveal: Losing Ground
Joey’s Chocolate Birthday Cake recipe

What I Made This Week:

 From the transcript below: “Before I wrap up, I’d like to tell you a little bit about something I made this week. A few days ago, my son turned one and we had a barbecue for family and friends to celebrate. I love making food for my family, especially my children. Watching them enjoy something that I’ve created for them gives me so much joy. So I used the opportunity to bake him a big

chocolate cake. There were lots of children at the party, so I made sure that it was on the healthy side, getting much of its sweetness from bananas. He had a big piece all to himself and made sure to get lots of it on his face and in his hair. He looked so pleased with himself by the end.” Continue reading “How to Make Southern Food”