How to Make It Through Depression

Episode Details

Air date: April 16, 2018

Guests: Jess

Runtime: 35 minutes, 21 seconds

Summary: This episode is a bit heavier than most. This week, Jen’s friend Jess joins her to talk about using the act of making as a way to cope with depression. They discuss the things that stand in their way when undertaking a new project and the challenges of starting a brand new hobby.

Links of Interest: 

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards
Cinnamon Roll recipe
This is You Brain on Crafting by Jacque Wilson

What I Made This Week:

From the transcript: “And now I’d like to tell you about something I made this week. Many weekends, I wake up with a desire to make a specific breakfast pastry. But somehow, in my 32 years on this planet, I’ve yet to make cinnamon rolls. Until this past weekend! I found a recipe that had lots of rave reviews, and set to work. I mixed, kneaded, waited, sprinkled, rolled, and baked for about 2 hours. And in the end, the result was everything I’d dreamed it would be. And I made enough to store a few extra uncooked rolls in the freezer so I can have fresh-baked rolls at a moment’s notice!” Continue reading “How to Make It Through Depression”

How to Make a Podcasting Family

Episode Details

Air date: April 4, 2018

Guests: Belinda & Yamina, aka The Geekend Amazons

Runtime: 32 minutes, 18 seconds

Summary: In episode 17, Jen invites two fellow lady podcasters on to talk about making their show, Geekend Amazons. Jen also has a special announcement about the future of her show!

Links of Interest: 

The Geekend Amazons
The Geekend Warriors
The Geekend Legion Patreon

What I Made This Week:

From the transcript: “And now I’d like to tell you about something I made this week. After months of work and so much help from my tireless admin, Greg, I’ve transitioned the show over to a new website! I’m so proud of it and am thrilled to provide comprehensive show notes and episode transcripts. Many transcripts are still being created, but once I catch up, I hope to have transcripts available soon after each episode airs. You can find the new website at” Continue reading “How to Make a Podcasting Family”