How to Make a Legacy

Episode Details

Air date: February 21, 2018

Guest: Diane Aragona

Runtime: 38 minutes, 7 seconds

Summary: In our 14th episode, Jen has a conversation with her sister-in-law, Diane, about the loss of her Mother. It’s a difficult topic, but one that Diane explores with grace and sincerity.

Links of Interest: 

American Cancer Society
Do Dead People Watch You Shower by Concetta Bertoldi

What I Made This Week:

From the transcript: “And now, I’d like to tell you about something I made this week. This past weekend, after Chuck and Diane left to drive home, we got some snow here by our house and that morning we went outside to make snowmen and snow angels. The snowmen didn’t go so well. It wasn’t quite the right snow for that. But we did manage to get in the snow for some snow angels. And we made some big piles of snow at the base of some of our slides in the backyard and she had a great time sliding down into them. It was really wonderful watching her experience the snow for one of the first times. We’ve had a lot of snow storms since she was born, but not all of them have created snow that she could really get out and play in. So standing out there and watching her explore the snow the way I remember doing when I was little was really special.”

Episode Transcript 

The transcript is forthcoming. Check back soon.

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