How to Make a Fool of Yourself

Episode Details:

Air date: November 1, 2017

Guest: Lisa Adil

Runtime: 28 minutes, 08 seconds

Summary: In the podcast’s 7th episode, Jen has a chat with her friend Lisa about writing romantic poetry and learning to cook Bengali food. Lisa advocates for taking risks and being vulnerable. Jen embraces awkward teenage poetry.

Links of Interest: 

Blueberry Banana Cake recipe
Chicken Biryani recipe

What I Made This Week:

From the transcript: “And now I’d like to tell you about something I made this week. Yesterday was Halloween and I’ve spent the past few weeks making our family’s costumes in preparation for a party that we threw this past weekend to coincide with Emma’s third birthday. I also made her birthday cake, so it’s been a particularly busy and productive time for me. The cake I chose was blueberry and banana flavored with cream-cheese frosting. Emma directed me to dye the frosting blue and it was a big hit with all of our guests. I will never get tired of watching people enjoy the food I make.”

Episode Transcript 

The transcript is forthcoming. Check back soon.

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