How to Make Banana Bread

Episode Details:

Air date: August 30, 2017

Guest: Sam Bettencourt

Runtime: 33 minutes, 39 seconds

Summary: In our third episode, Jen learns about a very old and coveted banana bread recipe from Sam.

Links of Interest: 

Classic Sourdough Pancakes
Sourdough Starter Instructions
Jen’s go-to Banana Bread Recipe – did you think Sam would give his away?

What I Made This Week:

From the transcript: “And now I’d like to tell you about something I made this week. Well, not this week specifically, because this is something I make just about every week. Since Sam talked about his family’s Banana Bread, I thought I’d tell you about my cinnamon banana pancakes. I’ve been on a search for over ten years for the perfect pancake recipe. And after much trial and error, I finally got them just right. The flavor is all thanks to the sour dough starter that I’ve been lovingly feeding for over a year and a half.”

To make these pancakes, follow the recipe for “Classic Sourdough Pancakes” and add 1-2 mashed ripe bananas and cinnamon & vanilla to taste.

Episode Transcript 

The transcript is forthcoming. Check back soon.

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